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About Me!

I am a father to 3 great children from my second marriage (Julie, Alexandre and Olivier) and one granddaughter Lea. In 2000, after my second divorce, I met my childhood friend, Marie Harwood, also divorced, and we began living with each other in 2001. Married in 2005, I keep telling everybody: "If Marie leaves me, I am packing my bags and I'm leaving with her!" Marie has 4 children (Shawn, Allison, Shannon and Lisa) and 5 grandchildren (Ashley, Nate, Chey, Grayson and Ruby). I developed an entrepreneurial spirit at a very young age. My first big challenge in life was at age 13 when my parents sent me to Bishop's College School, an English, all boys military boarding prep school. As a primarily French speaking & educated boy, having to study in the English language for the first time in my life was my first big challenge.

I may not have been the most studious kid in school but I loved the sports curriculum including Track & Field, Football, and Hockey. To my credit I am proud to share that I won the Juvenile High Aggregate Trophy at the Eastern Townships Track & Field meet in 1967. In 1968 (my graduating year) I was nominated Assistant Captain of the Hockey Team, promoted to Staff Sergeant of the No 2 BCS Cadet Corps and awarded the title and responsibility as one of the 13 Head Boys of BCS. What began in 1963 as my greatest challenge ended with a bunch of wins, not to mention that I gained thorough knowledge of the English language. In retrospect, my parents gave me a precious gift which has served me well in my life.

I went to Dawson College in 1970 and 1971 but after completing 18 out of the needed 24 credits to graduate to University, I became impatient as it felt like I was wasting my time at school when I could be making money. I left college. I tried the family business working for one of my Dad's businesses. I'll spare you the details here other than to say that didn't work out so well.

I began my sales career as a door to door salesman for Merit Students Encyclopedia where, within a few weeks, In 1972 I became the #1 salesperson in North America and kept that coveted title for 8 weeks straight. I remember working only weekday evenings (20 hours a week and earning between $300-$500 a week. In 1972, that was good money. I was living the high life, bought a 4 door sedan when Merit promoted me to manager of made me responsible for 4 new sales people. We hit the road for the Maritime Provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and for the next few months, I am proud to say, we killed it, had the time of our lives and of the 4 salesmen with me, one by the name of Clifford broke all my records within his first month. I like to think I was a good coach to Clifford who has since remained one of my closest friends.

By the age of 23, I was a Certified Ski Instructor teaching at La Reserve and Mont-Tremblant Ski Resorts in the Laurentians North of Montreal. During that time, I decided to home study for the Quebec Real Estate Board's examination. My Mom's passing in 1974 was a real wake-up call for me. It was time for me to get back to work in Real Estate, which I did.

I enjoyed a 25+ year successful sales career in Real Estate with Westgate Realties (74-75), Interior Design with LouverDrape and Levolor (75-83), and Automobile Leasing and Sales (1985-1993). You'll notice that there are 2 years missing between 1983 and 1985. Again, I will spare you the details other than to say that my first wife left me, I decided to have fun and then, I hit rock bottom in 1985. That's when I went into the Automotive Leasing and Sales. During this time, I also invested in my personal growth, trained by some of the best personal development trainers in the world in Landmark Education where I completed the full Curriculum for Living. I also spent 8 years volunteering and assisting around all Landmark Training Programs. I got married in 1986, had 3 beautiful children, and was very focused on my sales career. The dance of Life was back full swing and I have to say, those 8 years helped me develop unique skills before branching out on my own to become a Top 10 Canadian Income Earners and sought out Speaker/Trainers for the then $1.4 Billion dollar Telecom Giant, Excel Telecommunications between 1999 and 2004, when it went bankrupt in the USA.

Between 2007 and now I have been an Internet and technology enthusiast developing a unique skillset which includes: Short Video Promotion Clips, Video Editing, Audio Recordings, Website Hosting and Design and more recently, Affiliate Marketing and Sales, Funnel Building plus Online and Offline Consulting. There are 2 areas I am most focused on. Please check them out HERE.

Since the arrival of the pandemic in 2021, people are clearly seeking more information, solutions as well as online opportunities. They want it now and they want it as electronic eBooks, Articles, Blogs, and Videos. My passion for reading and writing in the 2 official languages in Canada has led me to create my online EBOOK STORE just for you.


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